Peer to Peer donation script with recommitment


Peer to Peer donation script with recommitment

This is one of the latest Peer to peer donation website application with a unique Aesthetics UI and an easy-use system.
This beautiful piece is made in such a way that it is easy for everyone and anyone to Navigate without stress.

Written in PHP, HTML and JavaScript programming languages, this application has the following unique features:


1. Complete registration and login form.
2. Working activation link after registration.
3. Easy communication option between the users and the admin
4. Users can use two different currencies (Naira and Bitcoin).
5. Anti-Hit and Run system because options are available to Upload evidence of payment
6. Different Plan options are also available. (You can create different plans)
7. Automatic deletion of newly registered user who are not active
8. Users have the option to send a testimony immediately after donating or receiving donation.
9. User credibility option is also very available. This will enhance trust. Participants with lower credibility score
will be deleted
10. User also get the opportunity to cancel their PH request if they have can’t meet up
Users also get the option to upload their profile images. Peer to Peer donation script with recommitment

Peer to Peer donation script with recommitment


1. Option to register a major Administrator and Sub-admins (up to 50)
2. The major admin cannot be kicked out by any other admin because He is the owner but He can kick out any of the
3. Dispute resolution option also present for the admin. Because all admins will have the opportunity to see all POP
(Proof of Payment) based on what He sees and makes decision either to delete any user that has uploaded a fake bank
4. Option to set percentage increase that will apply to all participant based on their donation
5. Purging system for inactive users after being inactive after 3days of signing up
6. Communication between Admin and Users.
7. Communication between admin and sub-admins
8. Option to broadcast news generally to all participants
9. Manual GH system to admins
10. Manual PH also for any of the Sub-admins if the Major Admin wants them to donate at all cost.
11. Option for the admin to receive payment first
13. Re-commitment amount cannot be less than the Initial PH it can only be equal to it or higher than it

In short, this system is what you need to run a Peer to Peer donation website successfully.


Admin username: admin

Admin password: 12345678


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