Binary MLM Script

70,000.00 50,000.00



Administrator Controls
* Generate Activation Codes for Registering Members.
* Easy member on-boarding, full admin control, and even member’s details.
* Adjustable Pairing Income every level

*Adjustable Direct Referral Reward.
Generate “FREE” codes, and adjust whether they will receive pairing and referral income.
Product Loyalty Program.
Adjustable Rebates, and Indirect Sales Reward for members, EVERY. LEVEL!
Manage Withdrawal Settings, adjust “Admin Fee”, and “Tax” deductions. And even Minimum withdrawal amount.
Adjust Maximum Daily Pairing, and enable SPILL OVER.
View Left and Right carry.
Members Panel
Easy Dashboard, Every source of Income is Broken Down.
Page for members to encode their purchase and claim Rebates Instantly!
Clear and Easy withdrawal form.
Manage Profile.

DEMO Access

URL: http://jomeravengoza.com/binary/
Admin Username: admin001@gmail.com
Password : password
Member Username: member001
Password : password

New Features and Bug Fixes

Fixed bug on tracking genealogy that was stuck at level 1.
Added new system settings to adjust charges.
Added system settings for GC.
NEW : Email Templates; Added settings for the email to be required on the whole system.
NEW : Email Double Authentication : If user has an email, the system will send a verification code on the user’s email to proceed on log in.
Fixed php timeout on distributing Unilevel income.
NEW : Added Top Earners Module
Fixed income distribution for free account, and added logic on account re-claim that the entry fee will be deducted on their total earnings then convert the free account into regular account once paid.
*NEW Added Administrators module where you can add new admins and specify permissions


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